Lack of sponsor means no postal service food drive

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - After 22 years, the postal carriers in upstate New York will not be conducting a food drive.

Food banks and food pantries across Central New York are preparing to have less food available this holiday season. That's because postal carriers will not be picking up canned goods like they usually do. A spokesperson for the Post Office says the postal carriers union had a hard time finding a sponsor to help advertise for the food drive last year.

Because of that, the amount of food collected dropped significantly from the previous year.

The staff at the Community Foodbank of Greater Utica says that will be a major blow to their stocked shelves, "We are surviving, every little bit helps," said Paul Stanley. "A lot of people who stop in drop off stuff but the postal drive is a big thing, because we always depend on them."

Stanley says the food bank will have to pray for more donations from the public. He says right now they are serving on average 80 families a day.

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