Power outages plague West Winfield following storm

By WKTV News

WEST WINFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Residents of West Winfield are still largely without power, Saturday, two days after the severe thunderstorm that ripped through the Mohawk Valley on Thursday.
The power outages occurred because of large trees falling on power lines, and many residents lost power immediately while some lost it minutes after the storm passed.
NYSEG worked hard all day on Saturday to get power restored for area residents, and were successful in many parts of the region.
However, the last few days have been had on many locals, even with the power being restored.
"We've been in the neighborhood checking out people to see if they are ok, if they need help," said Charles Dekanek. "I also went down road this morning and checked on neighbors down there. 
"Passed the side road is a different line so they have power, so they are lucky."
Dekanek said that his power has been restored, but that he and his wife were "roughing it" for the past few days.


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