Power restored to parts of Mohawk

By WKTV News

MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - The state brought in two generators this weekend to Mohawk to help get the power back on for as many village residents as possible.

The Village of Mohawk has their own energy service as opposed to National Grid or NYSEG. Nearly 3,500 residents have been without power in the village since early Friday morning.

The Mohawk Municipal Substation just behind Route 5S was under nearly six feet of water. The water has since receded, but now it has to be repaired.

As part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's visit to the region on Saturday, State Commissioner of Homeland Security Jerome Hauer visited the substation personally. He saus the two generators are quote, "A temporary fix and it is unknown how many homes will benefit from this."

The generators were turned on early Monday morning and Mohawk Deputy Mayor George Crier says when the power came back on, people came out of their homes, "As the power went on last night, street by street, people starting lining up on the curb, applauding our electric commission people as they're going along hooking them up, and they're very appreciative and we're glad."

As far as when the substation itself will be up and running, Crier says, "It's day by day, hour by hour. Right up until 3:00 last night, we didn't know how he transformers would respond. They responded great."

Crier says there's no estimate on how many of the 3,500 or so homes on municipal power, now have their power back on from the two generators, but he wants those that do have their power back on, to use it as minimally as they can. For those who don't have power back on yet, Crier is asking for their patience, and says everything that can be done is being done to fix the substation.

The village has brought in 20 portable dumpsters that are being placed throughout the hard hit neighborhoods for peopel to place their flooded out items.

He adds, as the dumpsters are being filled up, they are being taken away, and when they're brought back, they're being put in different locations.

Crier says any looters going into the dumpsters to pull things out, should not be doing so, including those people with metal detectors, "Metal detector people, please do not go into dumpsters. If from this point on, you are caught going into the dumpsters to take the metal out, you are subject to being arrested."

Crier is also asking people from outside of the village to stay away, at least until further notice, "Onlookers, sightseers, please stay out of the village. Our DPW department is doing a great job. We do not need people getting in the way of our trucks and our personnel."

Crier's message to village residents, "If you have any questions, please call the village office at (315) 866-4312. I am available 7/24, and I will come to anyplace in the village to see any problem you've got."

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