President to visit Cooperstown Thursday, residents prepare for once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

By WKTV News

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in just a couple of months and President Barack Obama set to visit the town of 1800 on Thursday, Central New York has taken center stage over the last few weeks.
The President is making his way to the area on Thursday in order to share his views on tourism and promote its value as an export.
"It definitely puts the attention on our village, on our region," said Patricia Szarpia, of the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce. "we have so many beautiful places in our tourism industry, our museums, Glimmer Glass Festival, certainly baseball tournaments are player here.
"It will bring a great deal of attention to this region."
For some this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to see an acting president, in person, in their hometown.
For the Hall of Fame, it is gearing up to be a very big summer as they celebrate not only the President's visits but also the 75th anniversary of the hallowed hall's existence.
"The fact that a President would come to a town of 1800 to share his views on tourism and interact with locals, it speaks volumes about his campaign," said Jeff Idelson, President of the Baseball Hall of Fame. "And for it's residents to have the President visit is once in a lifetime."

People at the Hall hope that Mr. Obama will have a chance to take a look around the museum at some point during his busy schedule, so that he can get a first hand look at the type of attractions that he is pushing for. 

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