Proctor ROTC students plant trees to honor troops

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - On and off showers Saturday didn't stop ROTC students from Proctor High School in Utica from getting outside and planting trees with a very special meaning.

It's phase two of their planting operation.

The students put 75 crab apple trees into the ground Saturday.

Last year, they planted 86 cherry trees.

The number of the trees have powerful significance.

They represent men and women from Utica who were killed action while serving our nation.  

What's also remarkable, is how the trees were paid for.

First, the students sold candy bars and did fundraisers to purchase the trees.Then, they give back even more by planting them.

The trees are across from the Armory on Culver Avenue in Utica.

They hope in the next few years to have at least 300 trees planted, and they chose trees that blossom beautifully in spring to make it a place of beauty.

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