Project Lifesaver gets funds to buy two new tracking wristbands

By WKTV News

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Project Lifesaver is a program that uses electronic tracking devices in the form of wristbands to locate people.

Tuesday, the program got a boost thanks to a Halloween fundraiser at Presbyterian Homes and Services in New Hartford.

Participants at Presbyterian Homes presented a check to the Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol for $627.

Maciol said the money will be used to purchase two new wristbands for Project Lifesaver.

He says the wristbands are useful for adults with alzheimer's disease, or children with down syndrome or autism spectrum disorder.

"If that person were to come up missing, we would punch the frequency into the locating equipment... and we could locate the person," Maciol said. "We also have equipment we can attach to our patrol vehicle so we can cover a much bigger area."

The equipment even tracks people if they travel outside the immediate area or a heavily wooded location.

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