Proposed district lines for Oneida County unveiled

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) The Oneida County Legislators got their first look at the new proposed district lines for 2014 Monday night inside the Caucus Room at the County Office Building.

Back in November, residents of Oneida County voted to reduce the size of the legislature from 29 districts to 23.

The meeting started at 5:00 p.m. and once images of the new lines were passed around, the legislators spent about 15 minutes absorbing the information.

Some of the district decreased in population, but most of them went up. Currently, each district represents an average of 8500 residents. Under the new lines, each district would represent between 9329 and 10,637 residents.

Something different this time around are how the prisoners in Oneida County were included. The last time the county was re-districted inmates were counted as living where they are incarcerated. With these new lines they are listed by their last known address.

Now this also means that six districts will be contested by incumbents.

District 4 :

Michael Clancy D
James Murphy D

District 10:

David Wood R
George Joseph R

District 12:

Ronald Townsend R
Frank Tallarino D

District 15:

James D'Onofrio R
David Gordon D

District 18:

Peter Caruso D
Joseph Furgol D

District 19:

Daniel Trevisani D
Edward Welsh R

Before this proposal is voted on by the legislators there will be four public meetings.

February 28th
6 p.m.
Westmoreland Town Hall

March 1st
County Court House, Rome

March 5th
5 p.m. County Office Building, Utica

March 12
6 p.m.

County Office Building, Utica

The full legislature will vote on the proposed district lines on March 13th. If approved these new lines would be in place January 1st, 2014.

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