Residents protest to get bath salts off the shelves

By WKTV News

BRIDGEWATER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Dozens of residents gathered outside a Bridgewater store Friday to protest the sale of bath salts. They say the drugs are ruining local kids lives.

Holding signs and sharing stories of the dangerous drugs protesters stood outside the Singh Food Market on Route 8 to stop bath salts from being sold there, as well as other stores.

"I'm so happy to participate," says Linda Rogers who says her daughter is addicted to bath salts. "We need to help our kids... they are our future they're just going to die me and husband researched it online and it does kill you."

Protestors say they have sent emails to the Governor and members of Congress and hope that Friday's rally also made a difference in getting the bath salts off the shelves.

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