Puppy in Camden case suffering from broken leg, friends of Lainey react to arrest in case


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - One of the puppies seized in Camden is being treated for a broken leg and a torn cruciate. Officials went looking for the puppies after they learned more animals could be in the home where a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd was seized on Friday.

Deputies from the Oneida County Sheriff's Department and the Animal Control Officer found the puppies after they were allegedly hidden from authorities in the Town of Camden. The Operations Manager at the Humane Society of Rome says the investigators once again went above and beyond their duties to make sure the puppies were safe.

There is one female and one male puppy and they've been named Gertrude and Gerald. They are 5 month old Rottweiler mixes. When the veterinarian's at the clinic in Rome were checking them over, an x-ray revealed Gertrude was suffering from a broken leg and a torn cruciate. She is being treated for those injuries and both animals are under the care of the Humane Society of Rome. Both dogs are also being treated for worms.

Camden man, Ian West, 25, is not charged in connection to the puppies but he is charged in connection to the death of Lainey. Lainey was found in a cage on West's property on Babcock Road in Camden. The dog should have weighed around 45 pounds, but weighed only 15 pounds. Veterinarians say she was severely neglected. Lainey passed away on Monday morning. West was charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty on Tuesday.

Those who took care of Lainey over the weekend are happy to see an arrest was made in her case. "The fact that the law is actually starting to move in a direction for the animal itself is truly amazing," said Sarah Starczewski. "This is not something you see too often so it is something to be excited about. Not for losing Lainey, but because again there can be justice for Lainey and all of the other animals. It starts with one and then it just snowballs from there."

"Lainey's horrible, horrific death has stirred something in people that is way beyond me or sarah or even Lainey," said Kim Strong, an animal behavior specialist with Strong Resolutions. "It's a desire that this has to stop and this has to change and this sweet little girl didn't have to die and it does not have to keep happening and if it does happen, we're coming after you."

Right now the case is in the hands of the Oneida County Distirct Attorney Scott McNamara. "Mr. McNamara has agreed and stepped up to the plate and shown us that he is our champion," said Strong. "He is our voice and he is going to go after this man with everything he's got and the full weight of the District Attorney's Office of Oneida County. That is so inspiring right now that we're not alone out here. We're not just a bunch of people who love dogs."

"When there's a harsh punishment people think twice about doing something especially something so simple, preventable," said Starczewski. "Imagine if you have large fines and you do automatically get jail time and it's a felony charge right off the bat. I don't think you are going to see as much as you're seeing right now."

"Our next step after getting 'Justice for Lainey' is we're going straight to the top. We're going judicial and we're gonna fight and we're gonna talk and we're going to keep talking and then we're going to fight for all of these dogs whose cases never make it to court." said Strong.

West is being held on $5000 bail.

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