Quiet community of Sherrill continues to grieve


SHERRILL, N.Y. (WKTV) - The main suspect in the stabbing death of a six-year old girl in Sherrill remains in the hospital, with an undetermined time for his arraignment.

David Trebilcock, 30, is recovering from stab wounds himself related to Tuesday's stabbing. Police say it is unclear if he stabbed himself or was hurt when the mother of the victim witnessed what was going on.

The normally quiet community of Sherrill continued to grieve Wednesday over the loss of 6 year-old Lauren Belius, who police say was stabbed to death by Trebilcock - her mother's live-in boyfriend.

Dozens of parents brought themselves along with some their children to the E.A. Mcallister Elementary School on Wednesday, where a grief counseling center was set up. Many wanted answers as to how to deal with the tragic death of the young girl, while others wanted to know how to answer the questions their children may ask, school officials said.

Around the corner from the school sat the scene of the crime, where a memorial was set up in Lauren's honor. Flames still burned in candles that were lit Tuesday night as part of a memorial service to honor the deceased child. Many teddy bears where placed in front of the home the child shared with her two siblings, her mother and Trebilcock.

Trebilcock is still under the guard of police and is expected to be charged with second-degree murder when he is able to leave the hospital and be taken to a court room.

School officials say the counseling will remain available throughout the day Wednesday for anyone who needs it.

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