Rain and mild temperatures hurting snowmobile trails


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oneida County Snowmobile Association is warning riders to be careful this weekend with icy and bare conditions. The mild temperatures have already exposed a lot of bare ground on snowmobile trails and rain could close more trails.

"The rain if it freezes tonight could bring a lot of ice on the trails first thing tomorrow morning," said Bill Hajdasz, President of the Oneida County Area Snowmobile Association. "The water, the open snow is going to open up some of the ice bridges that have been built up and its going to erode away the snow that we already have."

Riding on the bare spots could damage the trails and rider's equipment.

"You're going to eat up your carbides on your skies and your hyfax on your slides possible overheating because of lack of snow, running on some bare roads things like that."

Hajdasz says the weather has already forced many trails to close and the rest of the weekend is going to depend on the rain and how warm it gets.

"Use common sense if it's getting bare around your house it might be getting bare on the trail system as well," said Hajdasz.

The snowmobile association suggests checking with your snowmobile club or call then for trail conditions.

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