Ralph Nader speaks in Utica, has solution for state deficit


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Former presidential candidate and current author, Ralph Nader, was in Utica on Tuesday promoting his new book, and talking about his theories on how to fix government.

Nader told the crowd of about 200 in the IT Theatre at Mohawk Valley Community College that he believes New York State can be saved financially.

Two years removed from politics, Nader says today's politicians are out of touch with their constituents and in office serving the wrong people.

"Too many Albany legislatures and Congress basically do their work everyday for big business, instead of the working families of America," Nader said.

One example Nader gave was on Wall Street. According to Nader, about $16 billion a year is collected in tax on stock transfers from Wall Street. The tax, however, does not go to the state. Instead, it is given back to the brokers.

"If they would simply keep the tax revenues and make Wall Street pay its fair share after collapsing the economy, generating the recession and being bailed out by the taxpayers, it would eliminate not only the New York State deficit, but it would prevent thousands of layoffs and reverse the cutbacks in essential services," Nader said.

Erik Kriss, spokesman for the New York State Budget Division, says the Governor is opposed to keeping the tax in fear that it would cause businesses to leave.

"If the state kept the tax, the brokers would just sell online through another state that does not charge a tax," Kriss said. "Wall Street accounts for 20% of the states revenues. We do not want to kill the golden goose."

Nader says government has it backwards.

"Until we stop the commercialization of Congress, we will have a government of the Exxons, by the General Motors and for the Duponts instead of what Abraham Lincoln said it should be - of the people by the people for the people," Nader said.

Nader's new book is called "Only the Super Rich Can Save Us" - a fiction book about the wealthiest people in America coming together to fix government and return the power to the people.

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