Recent rain causes delay in local strawberry season

By WKTV News

MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Mike Candella of Candella's Greenhouses and Farm in Marcy says the 4 1/2 inches of rain throughout the area last week, along with some more rain earlier this week caused his 14 acres of strawberries to stop growing temporarily and that has caused the peak picking season to be delayed.
Candella says the peak of the season is usually around Father's Day, but this year he expects it to begin later this weekend and will last for the next couple of weeks.  He believes because of the weather, this will be one of the best crops in years, "We had a very light frost season.  I think we irrigated two or three times for frost which is good for us and good for the plants."
Dozens of people from around the area were picking strawberries at Candella's Farm on Friday.  One of those, Liz Crosway of Remsen.  Crosway says there are some perfectly ripe strawberries out there, but you have to work a little harder than normal right now to find them, "You had to walk a lot of ways for them and usually you just stand right there and pick."

Candella says once the strawberry picking season peak is over in a couple weeks, the berry season will continue, "Raspberries in a couple weeks, blueberries in maybe three." 

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