Regional Center of Excellence coming to the Mohawk Valley

By Allison Norlian

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The city of Utica could see more jobs within the next few years and it's all because of a Regional Health Center coming to town.

In order to reduce the amount of psychiatric centers in the state and to offer more resources to patients in the mental health field regional centers of are being placed all over New York, including in the Mohawk Valley.

The greater Binghamton Health Center, Hutching's Psychiatric Center and the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center will be merged to form the Empire Upstate Regional Center of Excellence, that will serve 20 counties. There will be two inpatient campuses, one for adults in Syracuse and a second in Utica for children. The children's location will be located at the Wright building in Utica. The focus of the regional center is to provide the best levels of mental health services for kids in need.

Anthony Picente, the County Executive said, "I think it gives more of the focus of the ability for parents to determine where care is given so when you have a Regional Center of Excellence like Wright it gives focus on allowing parents in this region to have easier access, better facilities, care and gives them that decision making process but expands capabilities of what they do... Not about impatient or outpatient .. It really does expand level of services they are receiving and it does so with greater capacity and capability of dealing with those issues."

Mayor Palmieri also feels the regional healthcare center is good for the city and responded, " I think the consolidation is something that the government has been talking about and driving and the good things for this area it's consolidation into jobs being lost but a gain of many jobs."

The job should be complete by 2017.

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