Remington Arms remains mum amid reports of expansion

By WKTV News

ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - According to multiple reports, it appears as though Remington Outdoor Company is expected to announce an expansion near Huntsville Alabama on Monday.

Remington, which currently employs nearly 1,200 workers at its Arms Plant in Ilion, has not confirmed these plans yet, however, multiple published reports from the Huntsville region are reporting that an announcement is imminent.

According to those reports, the expansion, which would bring 2,000 new jobs to its new plant, may cause a slight reduction in its workforce here in Central New York. However, conflicting reports are also stating that the Ilion plant would not be affected by the expansion at all.

Huntsville and Alabama state officials have not confirmed whether or not Remington is, in fact, a part of their plans for an announcement on Monday, but it has been reported that Alabama Governor Robert Bentley stated that a "big announcement" is set to take place.

Stay tuned to WKTV and for more information on this potential expansion as it becomes available. 

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