Remington workers union endorses Hanna

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The United Workers Union, one of the oldest unions in the country, has endorsed Rep. Richard Hanna in the 22nd Congressional District race.

The union represents 1,000 local workers, including those who work at Remington Arms in Ilion.

Hanna says endorsements are important, but you have to earn them. He says he's worked hard in Congress for the jobs and contracts at Remington Arms.

"It's visceral how important this company is, so this union is no pushover," Hanna said. "We have to prove we were committed to working with them and the company and over the years, in so many ways, we feel -- I feel -- I've earned it."

Hanna is being ch-alleged by Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney.

"Remington supported me in my last campaign, and they know I am there for them," Tenney said. "I've walked in the Heart Run with them. I've gone to SAFE Act rallies with them. I've been there all through the entire campaign of 2012. I've promoted the employees, and i don't think an endorsement is going to do much.

The GOP primary is June 24.

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