Remsen and Adirondack School discuss "Distance Learning"


BOONVILLE, NY (WKTV)-- Two school districts are teaming up to expand their services, using technology. These new classes will be offered to students in grades 9 through 12, starting as early as the next school year.

The Adirondack Central School District and Remsen Central School District have implemented technology and think using a service, called "Distance Learning" is the way to go. It's a way for the two districts to share education services.

Adirondack Superintendent, David Hubman, explains, "Distance learning provides, there will be, let's say for instance we are sharing a course with Remsen. They would have a TV, some cameras in a room in Remsen with a teacher and students, and we would students in a room with a TV and camera and they would be taking the same course at the same time."

"We have things that we can offer and the other school has thing that they can offer that we don't have. By sharing, we can offer more opportunities for our students and more diverse possibilities for them." Dale Turner, principal of Remsen High School explained.

Remsen Superintendent, Joanne Shelmidine gave a for instance, "For example they have quite an agricultural program... that's not something that Remsen offers. So maybe taking one of their classes through distance learning. But we also have electives and we would be looking to send one to them."

While there are so many new possibilities, there are a few kinks that need to be worked out. One is scheduling. The two districts need to make sure their class schedules line up to allow for the service to work. Schedules need to align for BOCES transportation as well. Teachers would also need training with the new technology and teacher contracts would need to be re-evaluated. School superintendents and principals all agree these changes won't be earth shattering and are worth it for the service the students would be receiving.

This is in no way replacing teachers, or meaning the schools are going to merge. This is simply a way to enhance education and offer more learning opportunities for the students.

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