Remsen residents celebrate Erin Hamlin's shiny new spot in history


REMSEN, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Slide fast and have fun- that's what Erin Hamlin's family has always told her. And that's exactly what she did in Sochi, sliding into third place and making history as the first American to earn a medal in singles luge.

"She did it and it was go get 'em tiger all the way down the line, go get 'em, go get 'em USA," said her grandfather, Les Porter.

Now that Erin has dominated the luge tracks in the Winter Olympics, residents are turning the icy streets in her hometown into a giant celebration.

"It's something that we've watched and cheered her on for years and years and that she has achieved this goal is great for all of us," said Pam Finn, a Remsen resident.

The small town was all smiles and at the Soda Fountain where Erin Hamlin is a regular, patrons were ordering a special kind of sundae.

"They're selling like hot cakes. They're selling like Erin Hamlin sundaes," said restaurant owner Steve Boucher.

Erin Hamlin already has her own sundae after winning the World Championships in 2009. Now earning a medal is the cherry on top. Hours after she landed the Olympic podium, the restaurant owners made a quick trip to the printers. Their menu now reads "Olympic Medalist Erin Hamlin Sundae"

"Because she won and we have to make that change right away. We're so proud, this whole town is proud. We can't express it enough," said Boucher.

Just down the road is a massive Erin Hamlin tribute made of snow, now complete with a make-shift bronze medal.

"We've been waiting for three olympics. We knew she had it in her," said a family friend.

Remsen can't wait to rally all over again when it comes time to welcome Erin home.

"Congratulations and a big hug," said Penny Porter, Erin's grandmother.

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