Reported flu cases in Oneida County increase slightly; parents take action

By WKTV News

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - The number of reported cases of the flu in Oneida County increased by 30 overnight. The total number of reported cases is 1,293.

It's the smallest increase in 24 hours in the past week.

We're hearing that some residents are afraid to go to certain public places because of germs.

Parents are thinking twice about letting their healthy children attend gatherings at places like Rough and Tumble in New Hartford, and Chuck E Cheese.

That's why the owner of Rough and Tumble is making every effort to be sure all the surfaces in play areas are extra clean.

During cold and flu season, Martha Zabek's employees at Rough and Tumble disinfect three times each day, focusing on the toys the younger children are likely to put in their mouths.

Zabek says parents are also doing their best to prevent germs from spreading.

But other parents use school attendance as a rule of thumb.

If a child goes to school on a given day, they're okay to go to social events that day: flu or no flu.

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