Republican AG candidate blasts opponent in Utica stop

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Republican challenging State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made a stop in Utica on Thursday afternoon and is calling on Schneiderman to return $70,000 in campaign contributions.

John Cahill says the money comes from people the Moreland Commission should be investigating. He says Schneiderman received money from New York City law firms subjected to subpoenas.

Cahill says you can't have any degree of integrity when you investigate someone on one hand, and accept and solicit money on the other.

"The last several years, we've seen the office of attorney general diminish in stature," Cahill said. "His (Schneiderman's) unwillingness to take on the powers-that-be in Albany -- whether that's the Moreland Commission, the scandal in the Assembly, trying to pay women who were sexually harassed in the workplace time and again -- we've had an attorney general complicit, as opposed to standing up and using the office for an office of change. That's what I'm committed to do -- be an independent voice in Albany."

Schneiderman's campaign released the following statement in response:
"John Cahill's latest desperate attempt to get any attention for his floundering campaign can't change the fact that Attorney General Schneiderman has prosecuted more than 50 politicians, government employees and nonprofit officials who abused the public trust. 

If Cahill wants to talk about donations that should be returned, he should start with the $20,000 he got from vehemently anti-gay, anti-women activists.  

Or, if he wants to talk about ethics, he should start by answering questions about whether he violated state ethics rules by serving as an unregistered lobbyist for polluters in the oil and gas industry."

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