Republican candidates for 115th Assembly optimistic about race

ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The 115th Assembly District in New York State has been vacated by David Townsend, who is looking to run for Oneida County Sheriff, and the race is now pitting talk show host Claudia Tenney against former Oneida County Republican Chair George Joseph.

Tenney cast her vote Tuesday afternoon at Hughes Elementary School in New Hartford.

In addition to the Republican line she's seeking, she's also on both the Conservative and Independence lines. She says that whether or not she wins on Tuesday, she'll be staying in the fight to the end.

"Whether or not I won the Republican Primary, I would continue to campaign to the end on behalf of the Conservative Party that support me," Tenney said. "I'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it. Let's wait til' tonight and see where we are."

Her opponent - George Joseph says that who ever does win, what's key to helping reform Albany is working together.

"Creative ideas are non-partisan, I really believe that," Joseph said. "And if you don't care who gets credit for the ideas, I think it's more eventful that change will happen and reform will happen."

Joseph also claimed that statistically, the odds are in his favor. He said that even if he only get 40 percent, all he would need is 11 percent from Democrats, Independents or Conservatives.

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