Republican candidates for Utica Mayor make final rounds


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Michael Cerminaro and Robert Cardillo wrapped up their campaigning on Tuesday for the Republican nomination for Utica's upcoming mayoral election.

"Just to see the participation is just wonderful," Cerminaro said. "It's a primary, you know a lot of the people just don't vote in the primary, they come out for the special election, but a primary is a special date. We've been getting a good response, but we're hopeful."

"If I didn't say I felt a little anxiety, I'd not be telling the truth," Cardillo said. "You have to have a little anxiety."

A little anxiety even after doing this before, as Cardillo was involved in the same election 30 years ago.

"It's a little different thirty years later, but having been a party chairman and being involved in elections for a long time I understand and your stomach churns a little bit," says Cardillo.

Both candidates continued to make last minute campaign rounds on primary day, while knowing it's now up to the voters.

"I feel good. We feel very good," Cardillo said. "Confident, but not cocky. There's a difference."

"It's in their hands, in the hands of the Lord, and whatever they decide, we'll be most gracious with," adds Cerminaro.

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