Requests to take in unwanted rabbits overwhelm shelters

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - It's a part of the Easter season, and one that local animal shelters dread.

In the days following the holiday, animal shelters get tons of calls from people who want to bring in bunnies they can't care for.

On Monday alone, workers at Spring Farm Cares in the Town of Paris received almost 10 requests to take in unwanted bunnies they received as gifts for Easter.

The sanctuary's education director says they're already over capacity from the rabbits they took in last Easter, and if animal shelters can't take them in, often people just let the rabbits go, and they often fall victim to predators.

"It's a vicious cycle every year," said Joanne Cronan-Hamoy of Spring Farm Cares. "We just keep getting the calls. Last year, I had a total of 66 requests for rabbits in one animal sanctuary. And you can't expect an animal sanctuary to take care of that many rabbits."

They recommend never giving a real animal as a gift -- for any occasion.

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