Resident on XNG project: the wait is constant turmoil


DOLGEVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Residents in the Town of Manheim aren't hanging their hats anytime soon. Dozens came out to a meeting Monday night- just one in a series leading to a decision whether to build a compressed natural gas filling station along Route 167.

It's still undecided whether Xpress Natural Gas will receive a special permit to build the filling station and some residents say the wait is agonizing.

Jessica Wilkes lives across the street from the proposed site and says the uncertainty affects her every day. Residents have expressed concerns about the noise from 45 trucks filling up at the station seven days a week, the possibility of gas leaks and overall disruption to their daily life.

At the meeting, the Town of Manheim planning board discussed some of the project details. XNG is planning on planting two walls of evergreen trees to block out noise as well as construct a noise barrier. The Department of Transportation will also limit truck idling to five minutes.

Once the planning board finishes the environmental and site plan reviews it will make a recommendation to the zoning board about a special use permit. Wilkes says if the plan is approved she'll have no choice but to pursue a civil case.

"I have sought legal council. My civil rights have been violated. When I bought my house I was zoned in an agricultural area. They've taken away my peace and quiet, my quality of life, peace of mind, safety. They've taken that all away. A home is somewhere you're supposed to go and feel safe. They've taken that," said Wilkes.

The planning board is expected to give a recommendation to the zoning board in the next couple weeks. The zoning board will make the final decision on the permit sometime in July.

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