Residents becoming familiar with flood recovery

By WKTV News

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's a scene that seems to be on repeat for many local people; pumping water from their basements, trying to salvage belongings, and sometimes having to relocate because of heavy rain and flooding.

Morning has shined light on the kind of destruction that comes from 26 hours of straight, steady rainfall.  The water got so high Wednesday night that some residents had to be evacuated from their homes via rowboat.  Oneida County executive Anthony Picente is making the rounds as he was until midnight last night.  He says he watched helplessly as water so deep and powerful flowed over streets and lawns all over the county.

"People who had replaced hot water heaters, furnaces and other belongings that were still out on the curb only to be washed away again last night, and then have that same equipment that they repurchased get damaged again.  We're trying to see what assistance is available," Picente says.

Meantime, the flooding has disrupted classes around the region.  The Whitesboro district canceled classes Thursday and it appears that sixth grade students may not be able to return to their building on Oriskany Boulevard this week.  School superintendent Dave Langone says the building is not safe and needs to be cleaned up before students can come back.

"We're going to take those children that are in this building and we're going to move them to our adjacent building, which houses our 7th and 8th grade students, until we can get this rectified," Langone says.

Langone says he thinks the sixth grade students should be back in their building by Monday.

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