Residents and officials concerned as water levels of Sauquoit Creek rise


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Ice jams were a big concern along the Sauquoit Creek in Whitesboro on Wednesday as the waters quickly rose with the continuing rainfall.

The creek was filled with chunks of ice and debris Wednesday, leading to the rising levels in the water. The problem was compounded by snow that was melting amid the rising temperatures.

Officials said they were concerned about additional rain expected Wednesday evening and they weren't alone. Local residents were also concerned and upset, saying flooding in the area is a problem they have to deal with all too often.

Mike Sanfilippo owns Mike's Floor Store in Whitesboro and said last year, he was flooded out 3 times by the Sauquoit creek. He hopes Wednesday night is not number 4.

"I am very concerned," said Sanfilippo. "They did a lot of work on it but I don't know if it is enough. This is a lot of water. Very concerned."

Also taking precautions was Lee Vanetten, whose home was a total loss after Tropical Storm Irene and Lee.

"We just rebuilt this house and we don't need to be flooding again," said Vanetten. "I am putting things high in the air just in case. Things that I need in the winter."

Officials say they will continue to monitor levels in the creek.

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