Residents, business deal with flooding after heavy rains


CHADWICKS, N.Y. (WKTV) - The rain came down Thursday in buckets, flooding many areas around the Mohawk Valley, including one local business.

"It's happened at least a dozen times more during these torrential downpours," said Steve Lenard, owner of the Hotel Willowvale. "Some of them have to do with hurricanes coming up the coast, others have to do with an engineering problem."

Lenard is talking about the flooding at his business after these types of torrential rains and an engineering problem dealing with the pipes that he says not only affects more than just his business.

"No one comes and talks to us about what they can do to help us," Lenard said. "There's some homes up the road that their basements are full right now ."

However, volunteer firefighters came to his rescue Thursday and have in the past.

"We come in and do it because that's part of our job," said Jim Kuhn, Chief of the Willowvale Fire Department. "We would help anyone who needs it in our community."

Town Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski says the township will address the drainage issue.

Without the Willowvale Volunteer Firefighters being happy to help locals, Lenard says he may not have only been up to his ears in water but also in bills to clean up the damage.

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