Residents want speed limit reduced following accidents on Route 167


MANHEIM, N.Y. (WKTV) - Within one week, there have been two accidents less than a mile apart in the Town of Manheim in Herkimer County.

On Wednesday morning, there was an accident on the corner of Route 167 and Bronner Road, and just days before, on Saturday, an 18-year-old died after getting into an accident on the intersection of Barker Road and Route 167.

Jamie Vogt, the aunt of Zachary Brisbane, the teen who died after getting into a car crash on Saturday, was on the way to Zachary's wake Wednesday afternoon, but took a moment to share her concerns.

"I think a speed limit sign should be put, stressed through here, even if it was a 40 mph," said Vogt said. "Our nephew passed away and these people just had a crash. Between these hills and all the roads coming off, I think something needs to be done."

"People do not stop at that stop sign," said Elizabeth Randall, who lives on Route 167 in Manheim. "People have almost gotten me and other people right there. They are not obeying by some of the signs or they are going to fast and they can't slow down. "

It was the consensus among the people we spoke to that drivers are constantly speeding down Route 167, ignoring yield and stop signs, and that the current speed limit of 55 miles per hour needs to be lowered.

NEWSChannel 2 spoke with the New York State Department of Transportation, who said they are waiting on police reports from the accidents before deciding if any action should be taken.

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