Testimony ends in trial of restaurant owner


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The trial of restaurant / bed and breakfast owner Isidoro Marra continued Friday morning in Herkimer County Court.

Marra is the owner of Villa Isidoro in Richfield Springs. He is on trial for allegedly raping a woman who had dinner at his restaurant and then fell asleep on a couch at his bed and breakfast back in September 2009.

On Friday, the lead investigator in the case took the stand. He testified that Marra told him he had been drinking alcohol for hours the day the alleged rape occurred and couldn't remember much of what happened, including whether or not he and the victim had any sexual contact.

The day before, the alleged victim testified that after she claimed to be raped, she was driven to her boyfriend's house by her boyfriend's mother and Isidoro Marra. When the boyfriend's mother took the stand, she told the jury she did not remember the victim mention anything about a rape.

The State Police Investigator said Marra told him the only thing he remembered was the alleged victim screaming on the porch of the bed and breakfast and her boyfriend's mother telling her that she was making too much noise and that she would drive her home.

Marra said he rode with them in the car so the victim's boyfriend's mother wouldn't have to ride alone.

The investigator also testified that when the alleged victim was taken to the hospital, her urine tested positive for alcohol but no other drugs.

Marra's Attorney George Aney said that was in his client's best interest not to testify.

As testimony concluded Friday afternoon, closing arguments were scheduled for Monday morning.

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