Retired Poland art teacher takes time to seize the moment

By Keith Hunt

(WKTV) - Albert Casatelli was busy painting the town today and the countryside or whatever he wants.

You see, he sets  up his easel wherever he wants.

He says, "Now I'm retired and I can pretty well do what I like."

On Tuesday at Oneida Square in Utica, a church caught his eye.

"Well, like everybody else," Castatelli says, " you got that stress and you got that felling you got to be doing something that makes you feel satisfied and worthwhile, and art always did that for me. Ever since I was a child once I picked up a pencil and started doodling everything went away for awhile."

For more than 50 years -- and thousands of paintings -- He still enjoys people stopping and talking.

"Their parents might have been painters or their wife a painter, and it opens up a lot of conversation. It really does," he says.

It doesn't need to be paint, but find something, Castatelli advises.

"Whatever media you choose, if you're comfortable with, you can turn into something you can do in your retirement to do on a regular basis, or just every day while you're working to release stress."

And his best advice?

"When you don't have to do it for money"


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