Rev. Bill Dodge stepping down from Rescue Mission

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Reverend Bill Dodge has stepped down from his position as executive director at the Rescue Mission of Utica.

The move was announced Tuesday, Dodge issued the following statement to members of local media:

"Over the last eight years, it has been my privilege to lead the Rescue Mission through times of growth, change and challenge. The board of directors and the staff of this organization are clearly committed to those in greatest need in this community. Effective with my resignation today, I now begin the next chapter of my life where I will continue to look for ways to be of service to people through ministering to their needs.

In leading the organization, I had three goals: upgrade the emergency shelter to address the need for more beds there, strengthen and restructure the staff, and tell the story of the good work that is done for the needy. With the support of the staff and board, these goals have been accomplished, along with maintaining the faith-based focus of the work that is done at the Rescue Mission.

Additionally, the mission’s budget has grown each year despite challenges in the economy due to a community that is both generous and supportive. The response of the Mohawk Valley to the ongoing needs of its neighbors has shown the kind of community this is. As the Rescue Mission seeks new leadership in the days to come, it is my prayer that they will continue to know the kind of support and blessing I have experienced over the last eight years.

Rev. Bill Dodge
May 2013"

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