Ride for Missing Children makes a stop in Frankfort


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - More than 400 bike riders rode into Reese Road Elementary School in Frankfort shortly after Noon on Friday.

The rain held off right for bikers out there covering a stretch of almost 100 miles. Bikers arrived early Friday morning at the YMCA in Oneida for a very moving opening ceremony.

Speakers told the crowd that their bikes are a vehicle to spread the message about the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the work they do.

Part of this ride includes stops at schools, such as Reese Road Elementary to talk about child safety and awareness.

There were students outside to welcome the riders and cheer them on along the ride, and both students and riders were all smiles.

On a more somber note, Sam Fastow, a recovered child now grown-up took part in Friday's ride, saying that the fund raising from the ride that goes to provide missing child posters is something you can't put a price on.

Fastow said he is living proof that the Ride for Missing Children can make a really big difference.

"The reason me and my mom come to things like this is to show people that this isn't just a bike ride," Fastow said. "Events like raise's not just a group of people coming together. We want to show people that these pictures work that there are people out there who care enough to look at pictures and make a phone call to bring kids home to their families where they should be."

Parents of missing children as well as recovered children and their family have lined the raceway, cheering on these bikers and they say it helps remind them why they take part and, of course, it keeps them going.

Earlier on Friday, riders stopped at Westmoreland Middle School and Jones School.

They also have scheduled a balloon release at their stop at Herkimer Elementary School, with pink, turquoise, and white - the colors Sara Ann Wood was last seen wearing, and also the colors many riders were wearing on Friday.

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