Rome College Foundation awards scholarship check to Anthropology/Biology student

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. - On Thursday, Jan 3, at 12noon, at The Savoy Restaurant, the Rome College Foundation awarded a $2,000 scholarship check to Benjamin Rosbrook.

Ben is the 14th annual recipient of the Charles T. Beeching - Revere Copper Products, Inc. Family Scholarship, administered by the Rome College Foundation. Revere's Board of Directors established the scholarship in memory of Charles T. Beeching, who was instrumental in the efforts that led to Revere becoming a locally-owned company. Candidates for the Beeching/Revere Award must be the son or daughter of an employee/owner of Revere Copper Products, Inc.

Ben is enrolled at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont, and is expected to graduate in 2015. He is pursuing a dual major in Anthropology and Biology. He’s been on the Dean’s List and has a 3.85 GPA.

Lisa Matte is President of the Foundation. Also participating in the presentation was Timothy Rosbrook, Vice President for Human Resources, Revere Copper Products.

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