Rome, Little Falls receive grants to redevelop community


ALBANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $10 million in Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) grants for 26 communities throughout the state, Thursday.

Among the 26 being granted funds, local communities such as Rome and Little Falls are receiving grant funding in order to help the redevelopment of economically-challenged areas.

The term Brownfield refers to dormant properties where the presence or potential presence of contamination has impeded site redevelopment.

Brownfields are areas that have depleted the economic and environmental growth of a community, and the BOA grants will provide funding to promote revitalization strategies that are necessary for the redevelopment of impacted areas.

The goal of the grants is to turn brownfield sites into community assets that can attract businesses, jobs, and interest into the areas.

"Brownfield redevelopment is essential to encouraging growth in distressed communities throughout the state," said Governor Cuomo. "These grants make that possible by creating opportunities to turn dormant sites into vibrant properties that attract jobs and private investment - in the end helping to revitalize once-blighted areas."

BOA grants attempt to improve these communities by engaging in a variety of activities, such as investigations of site contamination conditions, environmental impact assessments, redevelopment plans for strategic sites, and many others.

In the local community, the City of Rome will be receiving $350,000 from the grant in order to complete an Erie Boulevard Revitalization Plan for a 437-acre area to redevelop the West Dominick Street section of downtown Rome, as well as, West Rome's residential neighborhoods.

The City of Little Falls will receive $81,000 in order to complete a Revitalization Plan of their own that will identify development opportunities in the former industrial and commercial area along the Mohawk River and Erie Canal waterfront. This will include improvements to the Center City Main Street business district and the adjacent neighborhood.

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