Rome Mayor Joe Fusco changes parties to Republican

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - City of Rome Mayor Joseph Fusco is changing his political party to Republican from Conservative.

Fusco says that as a Republican, he will be able to caucus with Republican members of the Common Council.

"The last several years have been very difficult for both the Republican and Conservative Parties, with distension in both, bleeding out into the community. When I ran for this position I made a commitment not only to the members of the Conservative, and Rome Republican party, but to all citizens of this Rome regardless of party affiliation, that I would take the lead toward healing and unifying our community," Fusco said. "In fact, unity was the entire focus of my inaugural message. I see today's action as my first step in what will likely be a long but necessary healing process. The relationship between the Mayor and the Council is of months and years. As a Republican, I will have the opportunity to caucus with the Republican Council, a benefit not available to a Conservative Mayor, to ensure that we are communicating with each other and working together in the best interest of Rome. over the last eight years the relationship between the Council and the mayor's administration was tenuous at best. It is important that i do whatever I can to repair those severed relationships while developing a strong working partnership with all members of the Common Council across party lines."

Fusco says when he ran for mayor, he made a commitment not only to members of the Conservative Party, but all citizens, regardless of party affiliation.

Fusco filed the request to change parties on Thursday.

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