Rome Mayor stresses collaboration in State of the City Address


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Rome Mayor Joseph Fusco delivered his first State of the City Address Wednesday night at Rome's Train Station. There he looked back on Rome's successes over the year, and how the city can continue to move forward.

He said collaboration will be important, with the city, county, and state departments working together to do more with less.

"It's as simple as you know the DPW, the Parks Department, and Codes Department all mow grass, but if a DPW guy is driving by a lot that the Codes Department normally mows, well you hit that one and then they can get one that's maybe farther out closer to something they're doing," said Mayor Fusco.

By coordinating efforts not just with the city's departments, but also its residents, Mayor Fusco hopes Rome will start doing more without relying on the government's money. From buying more used equipment to even starting a new volunteer flower bed project he says the city is becoming inventive in cutting costs.

"We have dozens of flower beds throughout the city and for us to continue sending city workers there to weed them and water them it was just too expensive so I reached out to the community and they have really answered the call," said Fusco. "We've got some of our large flower beds that have been paid for and are being taken care of, it's awesome."

With volunteer projects like the flower beds coupled with new energy efficiency initiatives, the mayor said he feels Rome is on the right path.

"Saving electricity, gas, whatever it may all equates to the bottom line, it all goes back to our budget," said Fusco. "We've only got x amount of money coming in to work with and we've got to stretch it as far as we possibly can."

Mayor Fusco said he plans to continue to work at his main goal of saving as much money as possible to keep Rome financially fit.

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