Rome PD Community Impact Unit to address quality of life issues


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - There's a new program in Rome designed to help fight crime in the city.

Mayor Joe Fusco and the Rome Police Department announced on Monday a coalition of four patrol officers and several detectives who will partner up with business owners and citizens to help identify crime and problems throughout the city.

Officers will step up patrols in high traffic areas, addressing quality of life issues like disorderly conduct, littering and loitering on the streets. The idea is to target smaller concerns before they become big ones.

"These people see that and where are the consequences, if they are going to tell me to turn it down, they'll be nice to us a day later, and hour or two later, they turn it back it back up," said Officer Mark Glasso of the Rome Police Department. "We're not going to be putting up with that anymore, we're basically going to be issuing citations. If they're punished, they won't do it again."

The new Community Impact Unit will be implemented on September 4 and if you would like to call the unit with a concern, you can call (315) 525-8015 or send an email to

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