Rome drive-in movie theater to close forever


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - The West Rome Drive- In movie theater has closed its gates for good.

The news was given on Thursday night.

The theater which has been around for decades was the center of a heated debate back in 2011 about whether or not to stay open. Davidson Auto Group, who owns the property chose not to close due to the public's concern. They promised to keep it open, until now.

According to The Davidson Auto Group, they are not opening for the summer due to a poor attendance and changing technology.

The car dealership released a statement saying, "Movie distributors will no longer provide first run 35mm film to theaters like the one in Rome. The decline in attendance and the cost of the digital age has finally hit the west Rome drive-in making it unrealistic to continue operation."

The news of the closure has the community upset.

Mark Lubeck of Rome said, "it's getting to the point where there is nothing here anymore. I think it's a sad day."

While Davidson owns the property, Zurich Cinemas corporation managed the movie theater for the past few years.

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