Rome fire the site of domestic one month earlier


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - What ended in flames at 8491 Elmer Hill Road in Rome late Monday afternoon might have begun one month prior as a domestic disturbance at the same address.

Emergency workers rescued 59-year-old Ronald Lamascolo from the burning home on Monday.

"Between the police and sheriffs, they carried him out and tried to resuscitate him on the drive," said neighbor Bob Suda.

Just one month prior, on May 3, Lamascolo's wife, Antoinette Lamascolo, called police to report that her husband had made more than 30 threatening phone calls to her.

Police arrived to find what they called a 'highly intoxicated' Ronald Lamascolo, who told them he'd been trying to call his wife all day, but that she didn't answer her phone.

Neighbor Bob Suda says he had pleasant business dealings with the 'gregarious' Ronald Lamascolo....but that it was often a different story at the Lamascolo home.

"They fought a lot. I mean you could listen across the street and you'd hear verbal battles."

Antoinette Lamascolo at that May 3 domestic call told officers her husband had several rifles in his gun cabinet. The officers confiscated those weapons. They arrested Ronald Lamascolo for aggravated harassment and he posted bail and left the Oneida County Jail May 11.

Police say that neither Antoinette Lamascolo, nor anyone else other than Ronald Lamascolo, was at the home at the time of the fire. He was airlifted from Rome Memorial Hospital to University Hospital in Syracuse where he is in serious condition.

Oneida County Sheriff's Department forensic investigators were scouring the burned-out home for evidence Tuesday morning. Officials at the scene Monday night said the fire appeared suspicious. An official determination has not yet been made.

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