Rome man charged with manslaughter in daughter's death


(WKTV) - A Rome man is charged with manslaughter in his 9-year-old daughter's death.  The child died in 2012, but the injuries were inflicted in 2003 in Herkimer, near the Oneida County line.
Joshua Castello, 33, plead guilty to assault back in 2003 with respect to his then two-week-old daughter, Lorelei Castello.  He served no prison time and was instead sentenced to probation.  At the time, a 'refrain from' order prohibited any contact between Castello and the child until the year 2021. 
When the child died in 2012 at age nine, Rome Police then the Oneida County District Attorney's Office investigated. This week, Castello was charged with  manslaughter.
"Manslaughter in the 2nd degree involves recklessly causing the death of another person," says Prosecutor Dawn Catera Lupi.
He entered a not-guilty plea at his arraignment Thursday.  The D.A.'s Office wanted bail set, but a judge released Castello on his own recognizance, but under the supervision of county probation. 
Officials in the D.A.'s Office say there was a year and a half gap between the child's death and her father's arrest because of the challenges of conducting a thorough investigation 11 years after the crime. 

Next in this case; plea negotiations.  

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