Rome minister uses rap to send positive message


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local minister is getting some national attention not for his sermons but his singing. Gabriel Day just got back from Nashville, performing at after parties for the Stellar Awards, a national award show for gospel singers. His style is rapping.

"For me the big thing was just being able to put the message out there," said Day. "That's what I'm thinking of it was a great opportunity to be in front of a lot of people and share the message."

While 26 year old Gabriel Day is a minister at Rome's First Tabernacle Church, he also raps; spreading a positive message of the gospel and how it changed his life around.

"I used to rap before I became a Christian and I was pretty good at it I guess and so after becoming a Christian I really wanted to use that same talent for Gods use basically," said Day.

While he often preaches in church, Gabriel Day enjoys spreading the same message in music he says the difference is the listeners.

"I could stop somebody in the street and say 'Hey Jesus loves you,' or talk to them about the Bible, or ask them a question and some people might be like yo I don't want you to preach to me and stuff like that but if you come up with a song that they'd want to listen to and hear the words to or even they might like the beat I hope the message gets inside them," said Day.

The video for his new single called "Will You Believe" is now out and on YouTube. It was shot in Rome and features the Capitol Theatre and various Rome neighborhoods with many members of his congregation.

The video came out just two weeks before he was invited to Nashville.

"So if it happens that quickly and it's just the beginning then it just kinda causes me to think a lot bigger," said Day. "I just think there's no limits to what can happen now."

His album "The Message" is expected to be available on Amazon, iTunes in March.

You can watch his complete video on YouTube or on his Facebook page:
His twitter page is: @Gabrielmaday

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