Rome police unveil new surveillance truck

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Rome Police Department showed off a sleek new surveillance truck Friday.

The armored truck is called the Viper, for its snake-themed decals. The truck has about $25,000 worth of equipment on board, and will be used primarily for crime deterrence and video.

The Viper will be able to record live video in 360 degrees and can stream the video 24 hours a day. The new addition is something that Rome police say will be vital to their presence around the city.

"We're looking to take the vehicle and deploy it into neighborhoods that we find problems," said Rome Police Chief Kevin Beach. "It's really a deterrence. Also with the fact that we have constant streaming of video, it's an extra set of eyes in the neighborhood."

The new vehicle is expected to travel to different ares that the department often finds difficult to man full time.

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