Cars & signs damaged in Yorkville, roof blown off warehouse in New York Mills


NEW YORK MILLS & YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Reports of damage in New York Mills started coming in just before 6 pm on Wednesday night. Trees and power lines were down, and part of the roof on an old warehouse was blown off, damaging a nearby home.

Debris was strewn all over Mill Place in New York Mills. That's more most of the roof landed. There were large beams thrown hundreds of feet from the building. The buildings owner, Albert Tahan, was there within minutes of the storm. "I was on Commercial Drive checking the store out with the tent and I said let me come over here, there's a lot of trees down and I didn't quite expect to see what I saw," said Tahan. "It must have been a microburst or a small tornado."

No one was inside the warehouse when the roof blew off. It's being leased out as a storage facility. Tahan and several others were going in to assess the damage inside.

One of the beams that flew off the building hit the roof of a nearby home on Mill Place. The owner, Austin Tersten, was not home at the time, but says when he returned home, it was raining in his kitchen. "We drove right over this not even knowing it was here," said Tersten, pointing to the debris. "You couldn't see anything. There's metal conduit here from the electrical. There are huge pieces of iron, must have been pretty strong."

Over on Commercial Drive in Yorkville there is more damage. The United Auto Sales sign was destroyed and the debris damaged a car in the lot on the way to the ground. The sign from the Honda dealership across the street was also destroyed and some vehicles were damaged when a pole came down.

Back on Main Street in New York Mills, trees and power lines litter the streets. Jayne Synkowski says she hasn't seen damage like this in decades. "The last time I remember something like this was 1955. I believe it was 1954, 1955 at the end of Hurricane Hazel. And this is what it looked like down Main Street. Synkowski's favorite tree came down in the storm. It was planted by her grandfather in honor of her grandmother in the 1950's. "I'm going to cry, that's what I'm going to do."

Her neighbor, Chuck Shorey, also had a large tree come down in his backyard. It landed on a shed that was just built last year and on a fence he wasn't even finished building yet. "I just started it this week," said Shorey. "Fifteen years I've been here and I haven't seen something like that."

There are no reports of any injuries and for now the focus is on cleaning up.

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