Runnings is set to open in Rome in September

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Runnings is opening in Rome the first week of September.

We checked it out to see what this store is all about -- and they sell everything. The manager says Runnings sells everything but bread and milk, and he's not joking. The store sells tools, guns, animal feed, wood stoves and car parts among other products.

The Rome location, which is in the old Home Depot, is one of the first to open in New York State, along with stores in Gloversville and Canadaigua.

The manager says Runnings liked the Rome area and the people here.

"We're looking to draw people in from a 30-mile radius," said Lance Buckingham, Runnings manager. "This will be a destination. You don't just drive by and stop in. We want people to plan, come here and shop, so we're hoping to draw from the areas around us."

Runnings is based in Minnesota and has 34 stores across the country.


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