SPCA removes about 30 cats from Utica home

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Central New York SPCA removed about 30 cats from inside a Utica home on Tuesday.

Officials had to search inside walls and cupboards to make sure all the cats were found. The SPCA says the owner called them asking for help, saying she was overwhelmed with the number of cats and kittens in her home.

Many of the cats have respiratory and eye problems. They'll be transported back to the SPCA in Syracuse and evaluated by veterinarians.

The animal organization says this is something their seeing more of.

"This time of year is a bad time, and we're getting a lot of calls like this," said William Pulaski of the Central New York SPCA. "We're kind of overwhelmed with the number of animals we're getting at the shelter. If anyone would like to donate to our agency to provide money for vet care and food, it would be greatly appreciated."

The owner is not facing any charges at this time because she made the call and asked for help.

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