SU fans gather at Recovery Room in Verona for the game, drinks, and camaraderie

By WKTV News

VERONA, N.Y. (WKTV) - College basketball fans made their way to the Recovery Room sports bar in Verona to spend their Thursday afternoon watching the NCAA tournament.

The majority were Syracuse fans, many of whom said they were hoping the team could pull through without Fab Melo. Many spent the afternoon with friends and family, using the game as an excuse to get together.

"We usually end up with 14 people or so, mostly family, that comes out," said Brian Vanderhoof. "We've been here for the last few games here watching it at the Recovery Room."

"We can all get together," said Don Vanderhoof. "It's kind of a community group. Both my sons and my grandson are here. I just enjoy the atmosphere and they have some nice cold beer too."

"I'd rather be here than working," said Tom Cook.

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