SUNY IT professor receives $100,000 research grant

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - An associate professor of mechanical engineering at SUNY IT has been awarded a $100,000 research grant by the National Science Foundation.

Yu Zhou was awarded the grant for his project titled "GOALI/Collaborative Research: Fundamental Study of Impacts of Manufacturing Processes and Automation on material Properties of Composite Products."

Zhou's research will focus on fiber-reinforced polymer composites, which are attracting global interest from industries such as transportation, marine, wind, energy, aerospace and construction. Zhou and his team will look at the impacts of process parameters, which will ultimately create benefits for small- and medium-size manufacturers.

Zhou joined the faculty at SUNY IT in 2013. He earned his doctorate in mechanical engineering from Johns Hopkins University. His research portfolio includes robot motion planning, sensing and control and development of various robotic devices and automatic systems.

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