SUNY Oneonta Police Chief recognized by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services

By WKTV News

ONEONTA, N.Y. - SUNY Oneonta Police Chief Barton R. Ingersoll was recognized on December 6 by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services for his role as president of the State University Police Chiefs Association in pursuing accreditation for SUNY police agencies.

Fewer than 20 percent of the police agencies in New York state have completed the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program, which formally recognizes organizations that meet or exceed 133 standards in administration, training and operations.

Under the direction of SUNY Plattsburgh Deputy Chief of Police Jerry Lottie, the SUNY Police Chiefs Association made arrangements in 2010 to hold accreditation training sessions at four strategically located regional sites, with SUNY Geneseo Police Chief Sal Simonetti as the instructor. As a result, a total of 186 police officers representing 100 police agencies - including the 19 SUNY police agencies currently pursuing accreditation - were able to participate.

"The number of agencies and officers trained versus the resources expended showed that thinking out of the box and sharing resources is an efficient and effective way to save taxpayers' money while raising the standards of policing in New York state," Ingersoll said.

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