SUNYIT graduates have bright future here in CNY with Nano Center coming to town

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - SUNYIT's 40th annual commencement was held with hundreds of new graduates being honored, Saturday.
The students who graduated in the morning will soon be searching for jobs, with many of them not having to go to far to find them.
With the Nano Center quickly becoming a reality, it will bring a plethora of new jobs to the area.
Students who have spent the last four years at SUNYIT could make up a group of potential new employees when the door do open officially, something that the school is certainly well aware of.
"Nano center is really bringing tremendous focus on this campus," said SUNYIT Provost, William Durgin. "You've seen the building, it's spectacular, it's going to bring a lot of employees, it's going to bring great opportunities for our students and it's going to be the foundation for the resurgence for the economy in the Mohawk Valley."
Durgin and local leader are also hopeful that having a place like Nano Utica in the area will convince people to come to the region, and stay here.
They also hope that it will convince locals already living in the region to remain here as they search for careers.
"It could be very big," said Durgin. "This institution could be the largest science and technology institution in New York State in 20 years."

That is certainly the hope, and for students fresh out of the SUNYIT commencement ceremonies, that hope for them could soon become a reality.  

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