Salvation Army making changes to help their cause

By Allison Norlian

(WKTV) - The Salvation Army is experiencing a decrease in bell ringers this year, causing the not-for-profit organization to make a surprise move to ease the problem.

This year, the Salvation Army are actually paying some of their volunteers in order to make lives easier for those who serve in the cause, as well as, those who benefit.

The organization works all year round in order to provide the needy with food, and shelter, and rely only on donations to operate.

Since a large portion of their donations come from the yearly Kettle Drive, they need volunteers who can man the stations, or else they risk losing a lot of money.

They make their goal every year to have at least 24 locations with Kettle Bell Ringers during the holiday season, however this year, they have sometimes only had 2 volunteers at 2 stations.

Due to the drop in numbers, the Salvation Army has hired 8 people to provide seasonal help, and man a few posts.

However, that isn't all they are doing to help the cause.

"We're right now preparing out toy shop, which is empty right now because we're in the process of beginning to collect donations," said Lt. Mike Harrington. "But in the next couple of weeks we are going to prepare close to 1,000 gift bags for 1,000 kids and food baskets for up to 250 families."

Lt. Harrington also stated that he believed a little bit of change could go a very long way into helping their cause.

If you want to volunteer, call The Salvation Army at 724-8736.

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